Welcome to the IoT M2M Council's Wiki for Open-Source RFP's!

This wiki is conceived and established by the IMC as a platform to allow IoT solutions providers and adopters to communicate about what is required for IoT deployments. We encourage you to look around -- you will find some of our initial draft documents here under "Pages and Files" tab on the left-side navigation bar -- information sheets, RFP outlines, as well as workflows for creating those RFPs. Members of the IMCRFPS Wiki should feel free to comment on what you see -- we will try to be responsive!

IMCRFPS Wiki -- gaining member access & and commentary rights

Most pages/files on this wiki are view-able to the general public -- you need not be a member of Wikispaces or the IMCRFPS Wiki to see them. However, to be able to see the actual RFP documents and suggest changes, you need to be a member of Wikispaces and the IMCRFPS Wiki specifically. This sign-up process for this takes less than two minutes -- simply sign on to Wikispaces by providing your name and email, then request membership in the IMCRFPS Wiki. (Note: Wikispaces is an acknowledged leader in the anti-spam movement, and your email will not be shared.)

Be sure to include your full name, company, and email in the comments sections with your request for membership in the IMCRFPS Wiki. The staff of the IMC will accept all requests for membership in the IMCRFPS Wiki that can be verified as real users -- requests for additional information may be forthcoming if we cannot identify you by the information you provide. Your membership in the IMCRFPS Wiki will allow you to view and suggest changes to all documents posted. The acceptance process for your membership can take up to one week to complete while we verify your information.

Once you've gained your membership, please read the IMC RFP LICENSE AGREEMENT, posted under "Pages and Files" tab on the left-side navigation bar.

Our first big project -- RFPs for IoT software platforms...

The first subject we will tackle as a group is IoT software platforms. With more than 400 packages/services (by some counts) labelled as "IoT platforms" currently available, and most offering different sets of scope and functionality, there is confusion in the marketplace about what constitutes a software platform for embedded devices. The IMC hopes to alleviate some of this confusion by offering adopters a set of template RFPs that define what platforms should include for a number of basic applications. It is assumed that adopters will be able to use these documents as a reference, adding their own specific use cases for procurement.

The RFPs will include integrated lists of solutions providers that meet the basic functions listed in these RFPs. These solutions providers will be validated as in compliance by third-party consultants that have been retained by the IMC for that task. Under "Pages and Files" on the left-side navigation bar, please read the posted info sheet, workflows and vendor-related documents.

Need Help?

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